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Hello instructables.com i have to say that sometimes when i turn on my computer and keep my self logged in to instructables.com it logs me off. i would like to be logged on unless i log off. help please!


...does the same for me. it logs me off even if I don't shut down firefox (e.g. by following a link) and I haven't blocked any cookies. please help. I disabled all add-ons and such. for people turning off the monitor instead of the computer: don't you think that's not environment-friendly? I'm a treehugger here. so, just a thought.


9 years ago

At the moment the keep-logged-in cookie requires that the user logs in from the same IP address as last time. For people with dynamically assigned IP addresses, this often logs them out when they turn off the computer. This is an attempt to prevent hijacked accounts, but we've had several complaints and we'll probably be removing that constraint in the near future. In other words, we're going to fix it, sorry for the inconvenience! (Probably will take a few weeks, though.)

i found a workaround if you use firefox, turn off the computer with the browser still on. when you open it up again, click "restore previous session"

try turning your computer off with your browser still open, this works in firefox

or you could just turn off your monitor like me, not the computer.

I would so appreciate this as well.