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Acer Aspire 1 drivers? Answered


I have an Acer Aspire 1.  I had truecrypt on it encrypting the whole harddrive... had some problems... etc. etc. etc.  I ended up just wiping the drive and upgrading from W7 starter to W7 pro.  Now I don't have a valid driver for my ethernet, WiFi, or graphics.  I tried to find the drivers on Acer's website, and ended up talking to a tech rep who of course didn't really know anything.  He told me that my computer can't run W7 pro... which obviously it can since everything else works.  He also told me that Acer will not supply the driver for my computer.  The only option he gave me is to buy recovery media from them and restore it to W7 starter.  I'm not willing to settle for that even if I have to live with it the way it is.  Just thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem, and if so how they fixed it?  (And yes, I already Googled it a couple different times... nothing on Google worked.)

Thanks in advance!  :)



Best Answer 6 years ago

Sounds more like it was a sales rep who just wants to get more money out of you rather than a tech person.

If Windows itself cannot identify the hardware then you might have to do it yourself. If you know the specs of the system, like what the video card is, go directly to the web site of the card and get the drivers from them. Same with the network drivers. I would start with those, get the internet working, and then go for the video. Both Nvidia and ATI have utilities that can scan your hardware and identify what drivers you need. If it doesn't list who makes the NIC card then actually look at the board and get the name off of the chips. Go to that company's site and get drivers from them. Remember, ACER does not make the components, they just stick them all together in the box. Its the component makers that would have drivers if ACER does not.

I forgot to mention if you cannot find any drivers for the NIC ethernet, then you can just get an add in card and bypass the onboard stuff. They are really cheap now. I even keep on hand a USB to ethernet "card" just for this type of thing. Plug it in and use it to get online so the OS can get the correct drivers. It save a lot of time. The biggest problem is finding it in the piles of stuff when I need it.

I know what you mean about finding it in piles of stuff! :) I actually do have another USB WiFi modem that I have been using on it... that works fine. I agree that it sounded like someone trying to make money, but on the other hand, although it was easy to find drivers for other models, I couldn't find any on their website for my model, so for whatever reason, they will not supply the drivers for my computer.

Good point about looking on the component manufacture's site... but unfortunately, the only specs that include model numbers is the graphics... and that's intel. I'll try to do some digging for the NIC model numbers, but so far all I've been able to find are the brands... and even that is from 3rd parties, and I've gotten conflicting reports on that. :(

Thanks for your help, I'm going to leave the question open for a few more days in case someone else has a suggestion, but unless I get a better answer with a day or two I will give you best answer. :)