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Acer AspireOne 10" salvaged display comnnected to Raspberry Pi? Answered

I have just started my work with Raspi (ver. B). In my desk, there is a salvaged cover from an AcerAspire nebook - all complete, nicely disconnected. Features LCD, camera and mic.
Now, for a week or so I keep searching for an instruction how to adapt the display to work with RasPi HDMI port. The bonus would be to connect camera and microphone, but this may wait.
Any suggestions?


So it seems the most practical way is to trade my cover for some cheap lcd tv set - one of those portable ones - and go through composite lo-res.

No, use the HDMI port on a cheap LCD TV, as ICeng says.


3 years ago

When I put a screen to my PI it was a low end HDMI TV for $62 and the built in speaker was a nice extra.

Problem is the hardware needed to drive the screen is attached to the laptop's main board. Without that you cannot get the screen to work and cannot connect it to any kind of interface card to allow it to accept an HDMI input. Now there are some so called universal driver boards out there but they can be hit or miss and may not be compatible at all with your display. This sort of thing can easily cost you as much as a new PC monitor.

You need an interface card to go from HDMI to the panel. There are some available via Ebay IIRC