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Acer N30 What To Do? Answered

Well, I was rooting around in the attic, and found this old Acer N30 Pocket Pc, and well...It's pretty outdated. I can't thinkof much to do with it, but would anybody have any ideas? Floors open :) xD

Has a Samsung S3C2410 CPU with 55Mib Ram.


  Well, one "idea" that I have been entertaining is to use them (I have an old Co-Co II and a Commodore 64 machine) as home made burglar alarm controllers. Such a use does not require a lot of "memory" nor super fast speeds....and the only addition needed, other then programming skills would be a UPS so electrical failure doesn't mean alarm failure.

You could use it for the things this link show. https://www.instructables.com/id/HOW-TO-CONVERT-AN-OLD-CELL-PHONE-NOKIA-6600-INTO/