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Achiev'ibles - 26/08/2012 Answered

Hi, here is a list of the patches that were awarded this week for our members.

Achiev'ibles is a community run achievment project. The stats of members of the group are automatically recorded every day and patches are awarded at key milestones. For a full list of the patches you can earn, see here.

Want to join Achiev'ibles? Leave a comment below and I'll add you.

By next week I hope to have a few pages available on my website so that you can check to see if your stats are being recorded. I also want to start awarding patches to authors who are included in one of the biweekly newsletters. I think it'd be good to add each of these authors to the list whose stats are scraped so that they are automatically in the group. Good or bad idea?


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When are the subscribers patches sent? I think I might be receiving one! thanks for all your hard work!


5 years ago

Can I be added please? TIA!

Am I on the list???
If not, PLEASE do me add me... :D

When is there going to be a update on the total view count?

It does seem like a loooooong time since we last had an update.
It's now the second week of October & this one at the end of August was the last one we saw.
the next update will be quite large as there must have been a good number of these milestones achieved in the intervening six weeks.

Yes, I've handed out quite a lot of patches :D I'll do an update thread this weekend.

Having now been two months since the last update I'm beginning to miss the old total views count, I thought there was supposed to be a regular update or did I misunderstand "Once a week we post a summary of who's achieved what so that you can congratulate/encourage friends."

There was meant to be. I was intending to write something to allow other people to post the results if I forgot. I've been very busy with my PhD and life and stuff. Sorry! The weather's worse now so I won't be out climbing so much :)

Is the patch script down or do you have to run it? I've passed a few recently but nothings some through.

Ahhh thanks for noticing this. I get an email every morning telling me the script has run. I don't normally read them and had assumed everything was okay. It looks like a member changed their name and when the script couldn't find their old one it got upset. I'll write something to handle this this weekend and change their name manually in the mean time. Thank you.

That's odd. I've already had that issue before and it was fixed and I received 1 patch from what should have been the automated script. My name change was several months ago, before the automated script but maybe it got reverted in the new script.

I remember your name causing problems back then too I think. I fixed it by hand then forgot about it.

Good idea! Im In!

No patches for me? :(

Sorry, I've only just added you. Any patches you reach from now on you'll be awarded :D You're not far away from 5k views, 10 subscribers and 10 followers.

Hi caarntedd!  You joined the group, right?  

Click here to see if you've qualified for a special patch..

Joining the group doesn't currently automatically add you to the list of people to check for new patch worthyness. I have to add new members manually because there's a bug in group membership that hasn't been fixed.

I would love to join as well

Great idea, James!


5 years ago

I'm loving my patches!

Sign me up please.

can add all my instructables?!! and get the rest of the patches?!!

You don't need to add your Instructables to the group, I don't accept submissions to the group to add Instructables. Your name is on the list so the script will check your stats each morning automatically and you'll get a patch for any new milestone you reach.


Could you add me please? Thanks!

So is there going to be a way to see every ones view counts to see who moves up the ladder still?

Yup! Canucksgirl's working on a newsletter patch design then the website design I think. Once that's done I can write the stuff to fill it with graphs and data.


5 years ago

Please add me- thanks!

One day I'll write a best answer...

whooohoooo almost 250,000 views !!!!

5 best answers! FINALLY


Oh hey congrats. And thank you, I really did think I was the lowest on the totem pole for this one with around 13 answers in all the time I've been here. ;-)

I thought i was added but i dont see myself in the group

Let's see if I can push my luck and get the 100k views patch next week. Then I'll have gotten a views patch for three weeks in a row.


5 years ago

I was expecting to get the patch for 25 followers (subscribers? Are those the same thing?)... Am I misunderstanding how this works?

Oooo interesting. You should have the patch. I recently changed how I grabbed the stats and in doing so got confused myself between following and followers. Long story short, there's a bug. Found it now and will fix later :D You should get your patch tomorrow or the day after when I get around to fixing it. Woops!

Yay! Glad you found the bug... isn't bug hunting fun?
And: thank you.