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Acrylic Resin / Polycarbonate Resin: Where can i buy? Answered

I'm trying to find a place where i can buy Acrylic or Polycarbonate Resin to Cast. I'm trying to desgin and build ny own tables, desk, shelfs, and other small projects.

1) Where can i buy the Resin
note: i did my research, Tap Plastics and other companys only ofer epoxy or polyester resins for casting

2) i decided acrylic and polycarbonate over other plastics. i would like your opinons

3) What are different types of acrylic and what do i need to watch out for,

Im taking a Materials Manufacturing and Processes Class ant my college. Im learning about the chemistry of plastics and find it interesting

Im trying to cast on a home level but trying to expand into a small business so comerical and home production tips would be nice

But first thing first. I need "Real" Acrylic or Polycarbonate Resin.  Great Quality, it needs to be strong

Casting Acrylic/Polyester Resin


The answer depends on where you are in the world. I know a very good UK supplier. The are restrictions on shipping these chemicals to some places.

I need to send a shipment in China, Can you send me the supplier contact details.

Check out "Sculpture suppliers" for materials. I am UK based, and use a company here called Alex Tiranti for resins.

At least put your country in your Instructable profile -its very handy to know when sourcing solutions.


When at college (1995) I used

2 Crowland Street, Southport PR9 7RZ Merseyside

They held good stocks and were very helpful. Price was good as well

I'm a little confused with your description of wanting to "build my own tables, desks, shelves and other small projects"… If you mean doll house furniture, then yes, they would qualify as "small projects"; but full sized furniture is clearly not a small project.

Casting any large piece within a casting mold is going to give you some difficulties. You'll also need a significant amount of casting resin, which will increase your production costs and possibly make the resale unrealistic (if you expect people to pay the required cost AND make a profit). And that's assuming you can make the proper casting molds (with the right materials for the resin you are using) at a reasonable price.

I think for furniture builds where there is a lot of straight lines (like a basic table or shelves) you are better off purchasing pre-made sheets and constructing the furniture that way. It will be far cheaper for you and you'll have the best chance of profiting from it.

If however you still want to work with casting resins, you may want to read this information on how to select the right resin.

any suggestions on sources of acrylic casting materials?


Just wondering how you went with purchasing of the polycarbonate resin?
which one are you using?

It can be purchased but it will come from industrial suppliers and you'll have to order much more then you could legally have on hand at a residential location.