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Action Cams Answered

Hi all,

This is kind of an Outdoors/Tech thread.

I work for a nature center and I am developing a watercraft program on our river. To help promote it, I would like to purchase some action cams to mount on canoes and kayaks, and post the videos and images on Facebook and Youtube.

I have a $300 budget for these cameras. Ideally, I would like to be able to purchase two cams, including memory and additional accessories (mounts). However, I know that a good quality camera can be pricey, so if absolutely necessary, I will cut this down to one cam. If you are miraculously able to suggest a cam that is priced so that I can buy more than two, I would be amazed and eternally grateful.

I do have some requirements:
- Waterproof (Preferred camera is waterproof in itself, though an inexpensive case would be fine)
- Durable
- High Quality Image and video (If the video is shaky, what's the point?)
- 2 Hour battery life, though 1-1.5 would be acceptable

These are not required though I really would prefer them

-View Screen (A lot of these cams have to be plugged into a computer or synced with a smart phone to view. Not great.)
- Removable Battery to switch out if one dies.

Do you have any recommendations within this price range?

Also, what kind of memory would you suggest for about 1-2 hours of footage per camera?




http://www.gizmag.com/2013-actioncam-comparison-guide/30064/ There are more recent guides to look up. I got an Emerson action cam off of ebay because they were cheap enough to try ($50), had a waterproof case and an assortment of mounts. It has a tiny LCD screen for playback and setup. I used a spare microSD card from my other cameras. They charge by USB port so take along one of those USB battery backpacks. Anyway, most of them take HD movies but do poorly in dim or low light. Good luck.

Thanks for the link! How well did yours work for you and what did you use it for?

I really haven't tooled around with it too much. I had bought a second one at the same time for my nephew to use for his school projects. I do have a regular digital video cam and my point and shoot does movies too. I was going to try it as my dash cam where I have the suction mount plate for the GPS in the car. These action cams have a timelapse feature to take shots at timed intervals automatically so you can have it document your journey on the kayak and play it back later all speeded up to watch the sun set or rise.

Thanks for the help. I'll look into the one that you suggested.