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Action League Now: How to Make The Flesh? Answered

Instructables user 'harveytwoface999' was wicked awesome for putting up the details how to paint the Stinky Diver figure from the Action League Now series. I personally would like to see all guides on how to make every character, but I'd really like to see one for 'The Flesh' first. I have the Conan The Barbarian base figure needed to get it done. Now I just need instructions! If this question goes unanswered for a few weeks, I might just go ahead and give it a try myself.


I have detailed instructions on how to make a custom figure of The Flesh from Action League Now:
Step 1: Gut out the Pull-String mechanism
Before you even think about painting, you must first take out the base figure's pull-string mechanism. Simply remove the screws, split the figure, take out the mechanism, and then put all the parts back together and reapply the screws.
Step 2: Sanding
Next, you have to use a combo of both 400 grit and 100 grit sandpaper and a dremel tool to get rid of Conan's necklace, boots, loin cloth, and wrist bands, but give it a pre-wash first so you can get a smoother sanding process.
Step 3: Painting
Finally, after sanding, give it another wash so you can paint Conan to look like The Flesh. For the body, paint it Model Master Skin Tone Base Light to blend in the sanded parts, and for the hair and the eyebrows, paint them both a shade of Model Master Chrome Yellow, and Voila! One Custom Figure of The Flesh!

I don't know, The Flesh has very He-man-esque proportions and would probably make a less involved sculpt as well. on the other hand the conan is probably based on the same sculpt but with aforementioned loincloth and boots.

Hey, thanks for the feedback on my Stinky Diver tutorial. I'll make guides for each character as I get them done. I have the Conan figure as well - mine has a slightly different paint job, but the same sculpt. (There's also a "Ninja Conan" version with molded-on clothes, but that would be a living hell to modify.) You might notice there's a pull-string feature that makes his arm move up and down (even when it's folded across his chest... you get the idea) - that needs to be taken out. To do that, you'll need to crack open the figure somehow (I plan to "boil-and-pop" his legs off, and pry it open that way - his legs are the only parts of him that are soft enough to work). Take out the mechanism (you may need to cut the string) and glue it back together. Then comes sanding. Unfortunately, the "speedo thingy" is molded on, so you'll need to sand it off with sandpaper or a Dremel rotary tool. The same goes for the boots and arm straps, though I think you can use sandpaper (the Dremel might break the hand off). Then paint as necessary, and voila, The Flesh. And I'll try to work on The Flesh myself over the coming April vacation. Once that's done (which I don't know when), I'll put up a guide for it.

Who's the flesh?

Oh never mind, I googled him. Well, based on the picture I saw of the flesh, you'd have to strip off his speedo thingy with a knife or pliers maybe, and paint his boots a skin color. Also I guess you'd have to use yellow/orange paint for the hair and eyebrows. This is just based on a brief look comparing the 2 pictures, I have no idea about the series :)