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Adapting loads cells from bathroom scales Answered

I want to make some small slim pads to measure the pressure beneath several wraps of 6mm rope placed against the skin - don't ask ;-). My raw materials are the load cells and electronics from some electronic scales like these. They have 4 loads cells that look like this

The problem is they are in those oval plastic boxes you can see at each corner of the scales so are too bulky. My question is how to repackage the load cells so they will still work but be thin and comfortable?



5 years ago

These would not be accurate with your desired activity. In a scale the cells are on a solid base when under load. In your configuration the load will be against skin and rope both will give more than the factory calibration of the cells tolerance allows and readings will be off.


Reply 5 years ago

Relative readings would be good enough. Does the softness of the surface make any odds? If you lie on the pavement and I pile 50kg of paving slabs on you, won't it still be 50 kg if I place you between two mattresses first? Am I missing something?