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Add or change a group on an already published instructable? How? Answered

All, So I'm starting to put up more instructables. A good thing. After I published my last one, I didn't click "add to group" button on the last page. With hindsight, I would like to add that instructable to a group, or change the one it's in. I can't seem to find anyway to edit the group selection of an already published instructable - am I just looking in the wrong place on the screen? Is there a way to change or add a group to one that is already up and running? I don't want to have to delete and create from a copy - that would be painful. Thanks! - Ray



10 years ago

how do you take it out of a group? I added one to the wrong group and can't find the place to undo that. thanks! Ary

You do need to be a member of that group. It's easy to join by visiting the group.

When viewing the Instructable, on the right sidebar, there is a box showing the groups the Instructable is in. Click "+Add this Instructable to one of your groups." Ta da!