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Addicted to Instructables Answered

Why is Instructables so damn perfect?? 

Yes, I believe I am addicted to Instructables lol...after all it's very easy to get addicted to it.
Especially for someone like me, who loves to create, this is a dream website! :D 

Thanks to this site my creativity is finally challenged and it's so good to see so many people with my same passion.
During these months I have been able to create more things than all the ones I had done in my life! And it feels so good. The last few years have been hard but now I feel alive again. Thank you Instructables! :)
I love this community and one of my new dreams is to actually work for this website...the coolest job with the coolest people! :)


"Why is Instructables so damn perfect??"

"Thank you Instructables! :)"


I know this post is old - but I can relate to EVERYTHING you posted! The site also saved me - after I had been going through a horrible time dealing with the after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning and health problems. The site and authors on here are inspiring. I would absolutely love to work for them too someday. :)

I am so sorry to hear about your health problems :(
I believe that the arts are like a therapy and everybody should let their minds free and create more often, we would all feel so much better! Sometimes people just don't think about that or they are not encouraged enough, so I am really thankful for this site to be the way it is and inspire us to do more and more :)

Ive been here since 2008. Been hooked ever since ... Its fun to show off projects that just pop into your head .Im hooked on the views and comments i get. I have yet to learn that not all your ideas will get featured .

You are right, sometimes I am a little disappointed to see that my Instructable wasn't featured but after a while I realize that there was actually something not so good in it...maybe even adding better pictures will make your Instructable so much better to be featured :)

Yeah it has a lot to do with the photos and presentation. :)

Sometimes they get featured some time after they've been posted. One of mine got featured more than 3 years after I posted it. Congrats on being a featured author! I'm certainly addicted, too.

Thank you!! :) Wow, 3 year is a long time, I never heard of that before...you see, we must keep hoping! :D

jeez looky you being a featured author already!! good for you Congrats.....

Thank you! Keep posting your projects, you could become a featured author too! :)

i have been on since 2 days ago not very amusing.

maybe you should make something and show it ? But i understand to I'm never satisfied looking at a blank screen either ....... (sarcasm)

Why not? :( I am sure that if you start to publish your own Instructables you will be even more satisfied than you think! :)

...come ti capisco...
I also discovered, only a few months ago, that I really love create and share my instructables here.
I'm registered from 2009, but my first instructable is of almost four years later, and from then I really look forward each time to share here my next brainchild!
Instructables is an extraordinary community of gifted and friendly people :-)

It is easy to see why passionate persons "catch the bug" here where we do so much to help one another too.

This site also seems to attract like minded people. People that like to help and share what they know.

I agree with both of you. I wish I found this site before!

I wish it had been around some 30 years ago.....wow what a different turn my life would have taken....

Welcome, brother!

(Oops, I meant, of course, "Welcome sister"!)

lol it's ok! English is not my first language so your "mistakes" could be possible English idioms in my mind haha

But the problem is that Kiteman is English. or UK-ish, guilty of commiting a faux pas.

It really is the greatest website. Is it creating that makes humans wonderful? For me creating is the highest brand of joy. Dark times are behind and ahead. OLEDs and dowel lamps are just what we need!
Still working on those lyrics you sent me...

I couldn't have explained it better myself, I feel that way too!
Take your time for the song...I'm very excited to see how it turns out. Collaboration is another cool thing made possible by this website!

Nice to meet another Instructaholic