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Adding Collaborators! Help! Answered

Hey. I'm posting here to get some help on adding collaborators to an Instructable. My friend and I were working on a new project to enter in the green contest and I wanted to add him as a collaborator. I tried going to the little collaboration tab. I clicked "Enable Collaboration." Then it just did this little thing saying Collaborators names. I still can't figure out how to do it! Help! Please!



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You type in the username of the collaborator and click add.

Maybe I should try firefox. I think it may be a browser problem.

I had a lot of trouble with Instructables applications in Internet Explorer. Loading would take forever and it would suddenly stop after a while and say that an error ocurred.

Then, I discovered firefox! Uploading stuff was improved 10x!!!!!!

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Oh, and sorry to bother you with all these comments. Writing all of this out is helping me to figure it out. I decided it must be a browser problem when I tried to post a screenshot of the problem. I'm having problems posting pictures too apparently. I think it's my Internet Explorer.

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