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Adding Text to an Image Answered

I am going to be entering one of the competitions and would like to know how I add text to describe the image? I can see you can place a text box onto the image but will that be on the image once published? How do people get the text to read below the image?

Thanks for the help.


When you are writing or editing the Instructable, you can click and drag a box across the picture, wherever you like.

Type text in the box that appears, and when a reader hovers their mouse over the box, the words you typed will magically appear.

Have a look at the various boxes here to see what I mean.

Yes, I noticed that Kiteman but I would like to get text to appear below the image so a person doesn't need to hover over the image to see what I have had to say about it.

Do you know how to do that?

Kiteman, for instance where you say this...

"This is a neat, and very quick little toy that I first came across on the "Happy Scientist" website.

A couple of minute's work, and you have a toy to keep the kids happy, a fun craft activity or a hook for a fascinating science lesson. For the moment, though, what you have is an entry for the Toy Challenge, and probably the cheapest and quickest at that."

How did you get that to appear under your images?

Oh i see, i uploaded it as photos so I guess the step-by-step option is not allowed. Grrreat I don't know how to change it now. Hmmm.

Simple - your images are already uploaded in your library.

Start a new step-by-step, and simply add the images from your library as you need them. You do not need to re-upload photos to use them more than once.

Thanks Kiteman, I just added text through the tags to each of the images.
I think this covers what I would do in the step by step. I read the step by step as a way to convey the recipe and I am not doing that so this will suffice.