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Adding a recharging circuit to a LED hula hoop Answered

Hello all!

I'm just completing a LED hula hoop. I was hoping to eventually retrofit it to add a detachable solar recharging circuit.

What I'm wondering is:

What's the best way to splice the recharging circuit into the already existing LED circuit?

The current setup is two batteries in series, connected to 9 LEDs and resistors in parallel. The batteries and LEDs are separated by a switch. It's loosely based on this ible:


I plan to add the capability to plug the hulahoop into a solar recharger box during the day so it can glow all night long! I'd like to set it up so there is a small recharging 'port', near the batteries, that can be plugged into the recharging box.

Any ideas or tips?


If you could make enough space, without making the hulahoop too big or thick, for a "magnet core" to reside inside, you could possibly have it pass though coils as you use the hoop, and it would possibly allow the batteries to last a bit longer. Like those shake n charge LED flashlights.

just connect them to the charger the normal way if the resistors of the leds are ok for the higher charge voltage then you dont have to disconnect the leds


9 years ago

LED Hula Hoop RechargeableLED Hula Hoop Rechargeable
It is very simple to make your hoop rechargeable . In my DIY instructions you can see I use 4 rechargeable AA batteries and a very simple cheap wall charger. Using 4 batteries wired in series, you can evenly distribute the weight of the batteries around the hoop aswell.

Take a look at my instructions and if you have any questions please feel free to give me a email on my site. LED Hula HoopLED Hula Hoop