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Adding backlighting to an Ultraflat Logitech Keyboard.? Answered

I would like to add backlighting to my Ultraflat Logitech Keyboard but don't know how to do this properly, any help will be appreciated. Additional Details: USB powered, Author doesn't properly understand circuit diagrams.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Well I asume you are wanting to use USB to power the back light system. Personally I would be thinking of using EL Backlight foil to go about this project although I am not sure if it would play nice with the 5v from USB power instead of 12v. I am not saying that it won't just that it might not.
Have you considered drilling out an extra hole, running a separate cable along the length of the USB cable and then heat shrinking it into one nice manageable piece? 

Not a particularly elegant solution I must admit but you would get a strong back light and it would only be noticeable if you move your keyboard a lot\ can see your power outlets.


9 years ago

You want the keys to light or the bit behind them? It doesn't look like it's made of transparent material (or is it?) - so you would be looking at a total rebuild I think. L