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Adding led to wah without true bypass?? Answered

i have a crybaby gcb-95 wah, which does not have true bypass, but i want to add an led WITHOUT converting to true bypass. it has an spdt switch. does anyone have a diagram on how to do this?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Not if you stay with the spdt switch. There's isn't even a workable electronic solution, because the wah circuit itself is always "on" during use, even if it's in bypass mode.

If you replace the switch with a DPDT (or a 3PDT) switch, you can just use the second pole for the LED.

A 3PDT would give you the option of converting to true-bypass if you wanted to in the future, just don't use the third pole if it's not needed...

Actually, I probably shouldn't have said there wasn't a workable electronic solution, 'cause you could use FETs or CMOS analog switches to do this... but it's not really simple.

A spdt switch doesn't have enough poles.You might be able to cut a off a small piece of perfboard from radio snack ,and solder the led to the small perfboard.Run wires from the "anode"(short leg)To the top of the "diode" just under the dc jack.Then solder the other end the "cathode+resistor"(2.2k-2.4k is a good start)To the resistor next to the diode.I've never tried it myself,but you might give it a shot. :)

thanks. i figured this was the case, but i wanted to be sure.