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Adding more speakers to hi fi stereo?! Answered

i was just wondering whether anyone knew of anything that will allow me to add more speakers to my sony hi-fi without losing in volume. my stereo only allows me to add 2 speakers, and i have seen that you can get stereo speaker splitter allowing to add more speakers but i don't know whether one of those leads to a loss in volume aswell. I was wondering whether there is anything like a booster/amplifier to prevent the loss (almost like an aerial booster for TV's).
Any help would be great thanks!


.  In a nutshell (and a rather large one at that), the amp will only put out rated power no matter how many speakers are connected and has more to do with the impedance of the system than the number of speakers (although the number of speakers will affect the impedance).
.  The "speaker splitters" you mention are probably impedance-matching devices.

If the output is weedy, you need another amp'. Your best bet would be to replace the one you have.