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Adding shop links? Answered

Are you allowed to add links into your instructables?

I run a small etsy store (selling beads and things) and am writing an entry for the jewelry making comp.

I was wondering if it ok to put a link to my store after the last step?



5 years ago

Of course!

Great info here. If I may add something. you should wait to add links until after it gets published and listed... I have had a couple Instructables get caught up in the spam filters... basically publish your instructable, then after you see it on the "recent" list, edit it and add your links.
Good luck.

Just wanted to make sure I was not going to get in trouble.

As Caitlinsdad wrote, the community here is quite supportive of makers who provide links to their own stuff, as part of their Instructables. In fact, there's even a forum topic on the subject.

Unsolicited links to commercial sites, postings which flog sales without providing any content, those will be flagged and removed very quickly.

If the supplies you sell or if related to the instructable that you are making, there should be no problem if you mention that you do have an etsy store. It's really only the blatant spam that does not contribute to anything that the community frowns upon. Good luck.