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Adding speakers to a toy Answered

(Hullo. Please excuse me if this is not the right forum.)

I want to add speakers to a toy but I have no idea where to start. I assume I need speakers of course but how do I figure out which is which? And if it's possible at all.

I want to add 2 speakers that will make the toy sounds more audible. I am not sure of the following though:
(a) What kind of speaker to use
(b) I assume I need to add a separate power supply for the new speakers, but how do I connect it to the toy




3 years ago

Thanks phidgetsinc and mpilchfamily.

Yep, I want to make it sound louder. I was thinking of using portable speakers but most run on USB and run on 5v correct? Is there a schematic I need to follow to make them run on AA batteries?

@mpilchfamily: will an amp work better compared to adding speakers? In terms of space, it should not be problem because I can create a housing that can attach to the toy itself.

ADD: It's a battery-powered toy guitar.

If you want to make it louder, then go for an amp. There are plenty of cheap amp boards on eBay. You can then use the old speaker or use another speaker if the old one is small or of bad quality.


3 years ago

This looks helpful: https://www.adafruit.com/products/2210

Thanks kahht!

Does this mean I also need to create a separate board for the speakers and not just attach it to the existing speakers?

You could easily hack some portable speakers (http://www.worldtravelguide.com/travel-gear/ipod-mini-travel-speakers.html). These typically run off a couple of AA batteries and provide fairly decent sound and volume. You'll lose some sound quality if you're putting it under fabric and stuffing, but that hack is probably your best bet.

So you want to make an electronic toy sound better and/or loader? Then you will likely need a speaker and small audio amp. Kind of depends on what toy your trying to improve and if space is an issue.