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Adding suspension to a go kart? Answered

It it a good idea to add suspension to a go kart? It is a small go kart and already has a frame from metal tubing and small wheels. My friend and i thought it would be cool to be able to drive it off road. We are meeting up tomorrow to discuss in detail how we would design it. The basic idea is this: use a pair of universal joints attached to a rod which transfers the power from the axle to the wheels. There would also be a spring attached to a hinge where the universal joint attaches to the wheel, and the other side of the spring attaches to the frame. There would also be some sort of frame that this stuff was attached to to keep it in place. The frame would be made preferably without welding, as we have no access to welding equipment. I don't know if this is possible to do without welding, but if it was REALLY necessary, i guess we could get a welder or find someone to do it for us. We will add images of our prototype drawings tomorrow once we get them done, those should help you envision what we are trying to accomplish.
Thanks for the help!


Be careful with the springs in suspension systems, If one of those springs gets loose it can cause serious injury.

How big is the engine? If it is under 10 hp dont put suspension on. Since speed is better then a soft ride.

1. As a go kart almost certainly not - Adding suspension adds weight - you also need to add torsion bars, shock absorbers, a considerable amount of hardware.

2. For off road almost certainly yes although Personally I would go for bigger soft tires otherwise you need need to invent and fit all of the above. It will be costly