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Adding to my collection Answered

I found an instrucable that I want to add to my collection. How do I do that?



4 months ago

This is crazy - and it was so clear and intuitive...


5 months ago

Thanks for the tip. However, in terms of usability, IMHO it is not very practical. The feature should be available at all times, not only when we scroll down, moreover as it is hidden behind this small dot dot dot menu...

First they took my pages away (to make it one single feed), then they took the familiar and sensible interface to this new "timeline" esq feed, stop trying to be Facebook and just stick with the format that we're all comfortable with. /rant

Thanks mtairymd.

Scroll down a little. You will notice 3 dot appear on the upper right. Click on them, then hit "add to collection".

That’s so easy...when YOU know how, lol. Thanks mtairymd.

No problem. Yep, it's not very intuitive.