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Adding voltage and current from different devices? Answered

How do you add the output from devices which are generating distinct voltage and currents? Two windmills for example or a windmill and a solar cell.



9 years ago

Yeah that's a good question. I also don't know. Maybe we should try it out for ourselves - treat the whole power supply like a battery, output and common, in series with another one. I wanted to try it with more than one jewel thief. Might work. Um. Or not...

Hoping that a power supply person might know. The knowledge should be out there somewhere.

You can isolate the sources from each other with diodes, but what are you using and what do they / will they feed-into?


Feeding a battery. But wondering what is the best way to add devices that are of different V and I.

You might need some kind of voltage multiplier to get up to the 14-17V, but you could arrange like this L


So you are suggesting a voltage regulator to get each source to a reference voltage and then connect them to the battery?

I guess that is what I'm suggesting, but I don't know what you've actually got to build this with at the moment. L

Hmmmm... Hold on... I may know a simple formula for this one...

I'm a theoretical guy, so I suggest you receive a confirmation about this before you calculate and use it. You would need to use a diode for the solar panels, I think.

First, learn about series and parallel circuits.
Adding voltages in series:

Adding voltages in parallels:

I forget how you determine the current. It is very likely that you could treat these as regular power sources (batteries) with variable voltages.

But to charge a battery you want to keep the voltage around 14 to 17 volts. So is it better to put them into series or parallel and then convert to required voltage? For arguments sake lets say s small field of wind turbines each having different motors, charging a battery bank.

Oh... Wait... You want to CHARGE BATTERIES? I thought you just wanted to run something off them. Oh, yeah. Thats different from what I was saying. Disregard what I was saying.