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Adhesives suitable for aluminum connections? Answered

Due to lack of welding equipment now, I am looking for any adhesives that can be used to joining small bits of metal attached to one another, any suggestions?


Hate to differ with the others on here but my understanding is that there aren't many glues that work well on aluminum. Epoxies (like JB Weld) *may* work but some sort of pretreatment (etching with acid followed by dichromate treatment) is necessary if a strong bond is needed.  Gorilla Glue *may* be ok but I would try it first on scraps of material.

If you don't need much strength, then either epoxies or polyurethane glues may be ok.  In my attempts to glue aluminum, the bond has always broken at the bond line---and relatively easily.

There are some specialty glues made specifically for aluminum that don't require pretreatment, but they're spendy.  I'd check 3M, Lord Adhesives, DuPont, etc.

Good luck!

Like lemonie said, I would also suggest JB weld. JB weld can be easily purchased at many hardware stores, just make sure you aren't putting too much force on the connection since it is not near as strong as a weld.

A lot of people use JB Weld or similar.


I recommend gorilla glue or 2-part epoxy if you absolutely can't deal with heat. There are some awesome brazing rods you can purchase that are designed for aluminum, and only need a standard blowtorch to fuse. You can attach anything from large barstock to thin pop cans.