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Adjustable bed remote fix Answered

I  will have to throw away, at much expense,  and replace a terrific adjustable bed because no one seems to know how to fix the remote control broken red bulb.  After a trip to and from the supposed specialists in WinstonSalem N.C., it came back with NO bulb, and both a screw and a small piece missing!  When I called, he informed me it was working when it left there... How would he know WITHOUT  the bed?  Top that with him insisting it 'doesn't NEED the bulb to work'.  
Any advice on what bulb  for a 9 volt, and precisely how to know circuit board terminals ?  


How would we know without at least some proper images showing the problem?
Light bulbs are like coins - there are thausands of different ones over the world.
If in doubt I would go for a LED with a suitable resistor.

Obviously by your comment, you're struggling. I cannibalized one from another remote, and all's well.

Good to hear you got a compatible part.