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Adjustable solder iron Answered

Hello sorry if this is the wrong place, i'm pretty new here.

recently i got a 30w solder iron and found this instructable to make it adjustable

I know it won't be as good as buying a real adjustable iron but this is cheaper and will work. 
I have a little potentiometer that i got from a lamp but unlike most it only has 2 terminals and a space for a third. i did some experimenting and it seems to work fine, the 2 terminals are a middle and one to the right then a space to the left i hooked a wire in the space and it basically worked in reverse to when it clicked off it turned the (in this case) motor.

so my real question is how do i wire this up, can i just wire the "hot" wire threw the pot and will it work to make my iron semi adjustable
the only info i have on the pot is that on the top it says B500k i can take a picture of it if needed. 



5 years ago

yes thats what i thought thanks mpilchfamily i just wondered why it was on a lamp before without problems. i didn't pull it out my friend did and gave it to me i guess there was some circuit in the lamp not just this pot. i tried looking it up but all i could find was that its used on guitars a lot but that was today that i learned that.


5 years ago

Do not use that pot it will blow up when you connect the mains voltage to it. You need get a dimmer wall switch to make this work. There is more to a dimmer switch than the nob and pot.