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Adjusting the truss rod inside a guitar? Answered

 I'm trying to adjust the truss rod on an acoustic guitar, but the bolt isn't on the headstock, so it must be inside the guitar. But the only thing I feel on the inside of the guitar is a small hole the size of a small screw, please help.


A lot of acoustic guitars are adjusted thru the sound hole using a wrench that looks like an allen wrench on steroids.

Like these.  You will have to find out what size it takes.  If you're going to have to buy a tool and wait for it to come you might as well take it to the guitar shop and let them do it right.  If you over tighten the rod you can strip the bolt or twist the neck.

Seconding (thirding?) Re-design and Nacho. It's really easy to hose up your guitar if you're not careful. I killed a perfectly good bass that way when I was a kid.

.  I'm with Re-design on this one - unless you know what you're doing, take it to a pro. Some (but not all) shops will let you watch the technician make the adjustments; if so, pay attention and maybe DIY next time.

 umm are you sure you really need to adjust it? if so the truss rod should be in the head stock if you could give your guitar model and make i might be able to get some info