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Adopt the Sky Before it's Too Late Answered

This is one of the coolest environmental action websites I have seen. So help keep our air clean and the EPA in check by signing the petition.


From treehugger.com:

The website encourages people to "adopt the sky" by signing a petition that assigns them to a virtual square-mile of sky over one of many dirty areas in the country. The interface screen resembles a foggy sky with little floating air molecules representing the names, home and adopted state locations and messages of users who've signed onto the petition.

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As it is... I currently own a small cone of sky directly over my property. Unfortunately, airplanes have an easement to cross over. I can't charge them for it. I'm also not allowed to claim stars, planets and space junk that pass through.

So if I buy (or adopt) a piece of sky above my house, I cannot control that airspace!? Is it seriously worth it?

Technically, if you own the land your house is on, you own the sky above it as well as the earth, forming a cone from the very center of the earth projecting into infinity. In most USA states, the state reserves the mineral rights for the earth below your land and easement to the airspace above it. In some situations, you can only own the airspace that your home occupies. This is especially true when you own a condominium (apartment).


10 years ago

mine is over Virginia


10 years ago

I saved a bit of washington, if only i could save a chunk of arizona

I got a piece of sky over Delaware!


10 years ago

What a great way to get a little more income!

I got a bit of Wisconsin! Now, the milk shall be pure. :-)

I have adopted a cube of air over South Dakota, so all the buffalo can breath.

i own connecticutt(air)!

I got a bit of New York air. Yum!