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Ads with fake "next" buttons Answered

Allowing ads with fake "next" buttons makes for a bad user experience.


MatthewD9, It's not that hard to tell what is an Ad and what is the real 'Next Button".

One way is that blue arrow icon on the ad, or the ad itself that just looks out of place with what the website is displaying. Also if you mouse over the ad, you can see the link in the bottom corner saying "http://googleadservices.."

I had a laugh at your picture that you can clearly see the NEXT button on the bottom that looks like the other buttons on the site, and a plain 'next' arrow next to CNC spindle....Sorry but you can easily tell that was an ad.
Sorry, didn't mean to laugh. But as people already stated, the type of ads are not controlled by the website, usually whatever you search on google or other sites. Nowadays, many sites collect information on things you search for to match ads that suit you. And if you don't like em, block em. Use firefox and download an add-on.
But due to your topic being fake next buttons, I am probably guessing you are an Internet Explorer user...more likely a Mac-safari user. Suggest to change browsers and learn a bit more about the internet :)

Chuck, you are commenting on a five months old topic by an inactive user...

Get rid of the adds... in firefox go to tools then add ons. In the search bar type in "disconnet" hit download, now restart firefox.... no more adds

A lot of the ads are outside the site's direct control (I think they can specify themes etc), and some are placed there by software on your own computer (check to see if you have any mystery add-ons running on your browser).

But, you can rid of the ads by turning Pro, either by paying, or by posting a project cool enough to get featured.

Sadly it is common practice for add suppliers to "optimise" the number of clicks they can get.

On download sites (or offers) you often see a nice big "Download" or "High Speed Download" button.

In a forum you can find ads with buttons that seem to relate to forum content, we here have a company using the same color but at least just an arrow, no "Next" in the orange and also the size is different.

I don't think there is much that can be done about it.

Sorry, seems like neither the "new" nor "old" image uploader worked for me. Trying again to attach a screenshot.