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Adult Light up shoes? Answered

I want to add some LEDs to my shoe soles (like the ones in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hby6z_nFfyE). I don't need them to be able to flash, or blink every step, although if you know how i can do that, i would appreciate it. I have tried attaching an LED ribbon to the sole of the shoes and i didn't really like how it looked (I want a diffused light like the ones in the video and picture)
Thanks in advance.


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What about getting an inexpensive pair of light up shoes for an 8 year old and take them apart to figure out their construction? :-)

LA gear sells some for adults.
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I am not saying you can but this may be worth a try.

Cut some suitable holes from the edge of the shoe and put LEDs in there - wire to the outside.

Fill in with clear silicone (bath caulk.)

Wire up the LEDS to a battery strapped on your leg. Or use coin cells in the shoe.


The big mystery to me is what is this transparent layer beneath the shoes. It might be cast-able RTV silicone, but clear.  I'm not sure what it is.

The author/inventor calls it "high impact rubber light layer" here,
but then you probably already knew that if you followed that link.  It was in the video.

The rest is just white LEDs,  wires, a battery, and a switch of some kind.

I think it's EL wire mounted inside a groove in the side of the sole then sealed with either a frosted piece of clear plastic or maybe silicon. You can cut a groove with a router, dremel or table saw VERY CAREFULLY.

The circuit is up to you, either just a battery, wires and switch or maybe normally open contact switch to cause the shoes to light up when pressure is put on the floor.

To light up just on steps you need an impact switch and a timer to hold the light on for half a second or so.  If you look close to on the video, you can see that the light goes off sometimes before the shoe comes off the floor.

To flash just create either a timed flash or random flash with a 555 timer.

Its important to note that LEDs are difficult to photograph and video. Since they give off there own light they never look right. The camera just isn't able to deal with it right unless things are very still and its a long exposure. So while the lights look nice and defused in the images they are not. They are LED strips attached to the souls of the shoes like you tried to do.