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Adult Trike Kits? Answered

I am looking at Adult Trike Kits where I could convert a bicycle to 3 wheels. And help will be appreciated. I rode regular bike for years until the cancer thing go me. I whooped it, clean for 10 years now, but have some balance issues riding a regular bike.  


That is a little too much, I can buy a new Schwinn for $300 and if I wanted to wait $265 from Wally-World.

If you are still looking I have a bolt on rearend to make a regular bike a trike. Email me back if you want more info? kd071@msn.com

What I am thinking is why could I do that to a bicycle of my choice, just a pair of over size training wheels, disguised with some fancy body work.
I love riding, but cannot maintain balance after the chemotherapy and radiation I had 10 years ago.

I went out to my barn and dug around, stuff I haven't seen in the last 10 years, and found some "perfect" materials to build my own trike.

If anyone has seen a Honda Goldwing converted to a trike, you will notice they use the same drive system and wheel/tire used as stock, and add a very simple pair if training wheels and cover it with a fancy fiberglass body. I am not sure how well their system works, but at $30,000 it better be "very well".

Recumbent is perhaps the way to go. You may need to weld but not essential.