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Advertise Your Yet To Be Released K'nex Guns Answered

Post pictures of your not yet released k'nex guns here!


Ghost 2.0 will be released sometime....

Beast Pistol coming soon!

Beast Pistol Advertusement3.BMP

Yeah, I made the Beast Pistol about a year ago.

wow look at yur dates mine was today!

Which is why you shouldn't necro.

The instructable is done and will be released when Trauts finishes building it and tells me about any problems. It should be out within 48 hours from now.

I'm going to release it to a single person willing to build it first, to work out the bugs, then release it to the public.

Definately m......oh, I just read the comment below! :(

Too late, Trauts just agreed to an hour ago, lol.

 I'm making an Intervention, that should be pretty interesting and it will probably be done today or tommorow

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cool! what rank are u? btw im posting my p90 soon with some extras!!!

We still use this thread? Alright.
I updated the OodAst3 ...again. It's more like a 3.65. I only made two minor but very influential changes. One is to the barrel to make the ammo more stable. I was surprised by how much more range and accuracy the gun had with such a simple fix. I also changed the mag tilter slightly so that it can tilt out farther without the slider being at a weird angle. Sorry, no images yet. I'm waiting until I'm sure I'm satisfied and then I'm making a more detailed video of the V3 series.

This is my MSMG (Masterdude Sub-Machine Gun). It is:
-Adjustable stock and cheek rest
-Removable mag
I should posted later today or tomorrow.


8 years ago

3 words- Barret .50 Cal


wow! cool! still needs some work tho

What should I change/ add/ take off?

the scope and stock need to be redone... i hope it helps

here is the stock, the reds are slanted, they don't look like it in the pic. The Butt is textured.


k, it looks ok but it needs to be a bit fatter! lol

i modded Barrax's ACR into a SCAR by maling the mag straight and lengthening the barrel.

Alright guys here is my latest project. It still isn't going to be the perfect side arm. Instead I decided I'm just going to make separate guns demonstrating each of the features I want. Then after figuring out how each one will work by itself I'll finally combine all of the ideas to make it. I don't think I'll exactly post the other two guns if I make them and I'm pretty sure it won't be until christmas until I finally settle on the design if someone else doesn't beat me to it. Alright so this is what I would like to call a Glock but overall I just made it to look realistic while selecting the Glock to base most things. It uses a compact slide and barrel idea from apples. I also made a slide lock like I know a few of you like. It's pretty simple too. I found it also pretty cool in that if you want you can get rid of the slide and side parts and you end up with a nice compact simple pistol. Uh I'd like to say this is stronger than the TDS2 even but I'm not quite sure about that. Overall I think that it's better than the TDS2. The only thing I don't like is that I didn't get a shell idea in yet. I'm hoping for a safety mech to be made before I post it. I might make a compact version of this and post that as the Glock 28 I promised. I also might go the other way and just assault this thing with curiosity changing up things like some of the looks and the handle.


wow u posted that comment soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long ago now thing what yo perfect sidearm is

Gawp! Best yet! I have used the trigger before on your glock but it barely worked. I only used an orange connector, am I missing something?

Nope. My only guess is you're not using a strong enough rubber band. The major downfall to the trigger. It should work though.

Yeah I dound when I made it that it need a strong one rubber band.

well yeah i had hit the forum button and you had posted about 1 min earlier Also i think the one on the left looks cooler. thats just my opinion and i dont care if you like the other one more.

Lol they are both the same...the right one is demonstrating the slide lock.

Check this one out. It's not finished yet-it's going to have the kind of lever that you might find on a bb gun to cock it, but it introduces a new mag and mag release concept


Sear system gun with a brand new trigger mech

SPEC-9 Commando 001.JPG