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Advertisers have great parts, how to get listing of current and all previous advertisers? Answered

Where is that one time advertiser with the good gadgets you wanted?
Wouldn't it be cool if Instructables made a complete list of all advertisers available to us so we could find that one-time company and buy their items?
How many times have you wished you would have clicked on that ad, then you never see it again?
Many times for me, many times.
Please, Instructables Team, consider giving us the ability to reach out to companies who are no longer running ads with you.

I know it seems like unpaid advertising for them, but you can always remind the companies that you have sent them "x" number of customers and this proves they should run ads again with you.
Thank you.


Most adverts come via Google, so you'd need to ask them.

Kiteman, thank you for the information about how ads appear on Instructables.Com and now I'll have to figure out how to get Google to give up their secrets! That may take awhile.

Downunder35m, thank you for your comment. I completely understand your position.
When I see a technical part that I cannot make or buy locally or cheaply, then I wish I could find that ad for stepper motors again, or gadgets, or linear bearings, or saffron to use in cooking. It's not the ads that I want, but the things in those ads- sometimes.

LOL Most people don't want ads, you actually want Instructables to collect them ?
I don't wish I clicked on an ad ever....