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Advice for a simple bluetooth and tilt sensor device. Answered


I'm new to electronics and want to create my own simple Bluetooth device. Basically I want to create a device with a screen that I can control using an app on a phone.  I'm planning on using a 3-axis accelerometer too, just to learn more about how those work and play around with some tilt options.  I'm working with a friend that is an EE student, but we still need some advice to get started.

Basically I want to use a phone app to update photos or videos displayed on the device.  Also, I'd like to create a small program where I can tilt the device and move a ball on the screen.  Right now I know I need a Bluetooth module, a screen, and a 3-axis accelerometer but I have no clue which kind (there are so many choices! especially for the Bluetooth modules!).  We have somebody that will do the programming for us, so we just need some direction as far as the electronics go.

Also, should I use something like adruino, or should we look for more experienced engineers to design it for us.  We'd rather learn how to do it ourselves though, and we don't have enough money to pay for a professional.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  I'm starting to get very interested in electronics as a hobby, and would love to learn how to start doing these things!




Sounds like your starting off with a pretty tough project to begin with. Basically you will need some kind of microcontroller, a TFT screen with a controller, a Bluetooth module and some kind of storage media such as a SD card plus your accelerometer.

Most of the modules communicate using a system called SPI so your micro needs to be able to handle SPI. Bluetooth modules are available that work over a serial connection so the microprocessor should also have a UART.

An arduino would probably struggle handling all the modules, potentially at once. If it were me, I would look at using a PIC micro or an Atmega micro.

A module with most of the features you would probably require can be bought relatively cheaply. Have a look at http://www.mikroe.com/mikromedia/pic18fj/

They provide modules & accessories such as Bluetooth modules but also publish the schematic diagrams so it would also make a good place to start developing your own.