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Advice on A centrifugal pump. Answered

Hello, I recently was given a pet from a friend and after doing some research on what the little guy needs I came to the understanding that the current enclosure he is in is inadequate for his needs. Therefore, I wanted to save up some cash to get him the right size tank set up that I know he deserves. In the meantime though, I have plenty of things laying around the house that I feel could render him a more comfortable habitat till that investment goes through. After more research on the matter, I came to find that for most household aquariums, the bulk of the work falls on your filtration system. That being said, I wanted to go for a Wet / Dry Sump Filter setup as it would be  the most easiest system to setup at home with the various resources laying about. Unfortunately while gravity will be doing the work of siphoning the water from the tank down to the Wet / Dry Filter Media, it will not be moving it back up to the tank. For that I concluded there was no escaping the need of a pump in some shape or form to move that cleaner water back into the tank. From what I read the pump will pretty much determine how big I can make his tank. 

So this brings me to my current dilemma. Presented with various motors around the house, I went for the biggest I could find (* excluding the water pumps in our cars mind you). That so happen to be a 1.25 HP Wet & Dry Shop vac that was collecting dust in the garage. I confirmed the motor is working and already came with the impeller attached to it. I was hoping to see if you fine folks could share some wisdom on how I can:

1.) Make it Waterproof.

2.) Adhere the right type of casing around the Impeller and Motor so as to benefit from the  Bernoulli's principle and get the most water moving through my system. 

3.) I intend to have this setup not 15~20 feet from where I sleep, this motor is LOUD. I was reading online about creating a sound damping box for it and was wondering what suggestions you guys might have for that? I keep fearing there won't be enough ventilation and it will over heat.

....anything else you would like to throw in.

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As the others have said, that's not suitable at all, and more likely to kill your pet than help them..

Why not try an old washing machine water pump, they are designed for pumping dirty water, easy to get, and cheap or free. They are water tight too!

To be perfectly honest, it may be simpler (and safer) to purchase a purpose built aquatic pump.

That's an air-pump, it isn't suitable / appropriate for moving water.
The complete vac' it's self may suck water(?) but you couldn't get that to run continuously.


Hehehe...yeah, that was one of the reasons I figured I'd post on here...wasn't to sure if a Shop vac motor was meant to be on continuously.

I meant that if it's a wet & dry vac you could suck water, but you would have to do that periodically, as it probably couldn't fill and drain simultaneously. Still, they are not designed for 24/7 running.


. For most fish, an undergravel filter and a powerhead or two work great. Should also work for most other aquatic creatures.

Its actually for a tank that I want to put together for a turtle as it where. He's about 4~5 inches across and I believe that means he needs like roughly ~100 gallon tank. Hence why I felt this motor would be adequate to move that much water. That being the case though, I'm going to look around the house to see what other motor options I have . Thanks for the input save me the hassle of having to put this thing together and having a finger lopped off or something.

. An undergravel filter should work great for a turtle - as long as it's not the burrowing kind.
. Keep in mind what will happen in the case of a failure in part of the system. If you have the filter and pump below the tank, the tank may empty if a pipe breaks or the pump seal fails? Not as big a deal with a turtle as with fish, but there's still going to be a lot of water on the floor. :(

Yea ditch it, it isn't suitable for pumping water at all.


my budget is kinda tide up at the moment, hence trying to make this out of things around the house, so your suggestion would be to ditch this motor in favor of a less powerful one? Excuse my ignorance, if this was a computer I would be all over it but the mechanics aspect of this escapes me.

Complete overkill for what you want. Look for a simple fountain pump which will use no more than 25 or 30 W - this monster takes 800 W !!