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Advice on making this custom coffee table? Answered

Hey guys.

My dad was telling me about making this custom coffee table, with all family photos on top.
Now I think thats kinda lame, I want something cooler, Pokemon cards.

I don't care the condition of the actual table, it's all about the top of it. 
Any advice on doing it?

I was thinking you could just arrange the cards, then put a piece of glass on top. Or, if there was some way you could glue them down, then use a special sort of lacquer? Would that ruin the cards?

Any advice would be appreciated :)


Well, my dad created an instructable on how to make a natural wood table. The size of the table can be anything you want and uses almost any kind of wood. He also added rocks into the table but you could put pictures, cards, whatever you want if you follow the instructions and put the cards at the last step before varnish. It is finished with a very thick varnish like product (shown in the instructable). If you want to take a look, the link is HERE. The tables are gorgeous looking when they are done.

You got your Dad onto Instructables? That's awesome! There are several families with multiple members here, including the Founders :-)

I'm still working on getting my mom signed up... they are so not tech savvy people. They've only had a computer for about 2 years, but I convinced my dad because he is a super creative type person and has pretty much made all the furniture that I own and a lot of other beautiful stuff. So I convinced him to give it a try (provided I helped) so that he could enter in some of the contests. My mom is equally as creative in other mediums, but she's just a little more reluctant to get involved.

Thanks for commenting. It's nice to know there are other families here too. :)

If you don't want to cover your cards in varnish, then you could simply go with your idea of placing them beneath a layer of glass (or plexiglass), and then just make a traditional square or rectangular shaped table.


6 years ago

I've made several tables with glass tops and used them to display various items; photographs, posters and such.
The top is actually pretty easy, make a poster board template of how you need the glass cut and take it to a glass shop to have the top cut. Use 3/16 inch to 1/4 inch thick UV resistant, tempered glass and have the edges polished.
Get some clear silicone pads, (the glass shop normally has them). Place whatever you want to display down and then evenly distribute the pads across the top and set the glass.
You can remove the glass to change or rearrange the display as you like.