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Advice on removing rust fron inside sound card jacks? Answered

I have a nice sound card from a friend which has some mildly rusty contacts, which I believe is the reason it no longer works. Any advice on cleaning in and around the jack?


rare that connectors are "steel/iron" and rust. Audio Connectors are usually Aluminum or Copper and sometimes gold plated. Clean with Navel Jelly (yes that is it's name...) using a brush, wire bit and dremel or moto - tool. Test with multi-meter.... When clean coat with "hair spray" or clear lacquer

What does coating elactrical connections with (insulating) laquer or hair-spray do for functionality? L

This "thin film" prevents further oxidation till use and is easily scratched off by simply inserting and disconnecting the terminals several times. Conductive paste do exist, put mostly for heat dissipation for CPU's.

. To prevent re-oxidation. As I said I'm guessing; I'd be afraid that what I chose would be conductive.

I'm a moron. I'll go test it with a multimeter. The connectors are copper alright, but there are these splotches on the outside of them that look a whole hell of a lot like rust, and that's why I'm confused as hell.

. It may very well be rust. Plenty of ferrous parts on a sound card. If the damage was caused by water, the rust may have come from a nearby part. . Most of the jack contacts I've run into were plated steel. Al and Cu will not hold up to the flexing stress caused by inserting/removing the plug.

. Clean off what you can with compressed air and a small "paint" brush - follow anti-static procedures. Rinse it off with some contact cleaner. If you get lucky, the card will work, but I wouldn't place any bets on it.

Rust in the jacks? I'd suspect water damage of the card & computer. As to cleaning the jacks, other than replacing them, you'd pretty much have to use a tiny steel brush to clean them.