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okay i'm gonna do a couple of things i don't do often: 1)i posting a forum 2)the real point of this forum, i need advice. okay this is what i need advice about There is a girl at school whom i kinda like. i don't get often to talk to her. but i have her as a friend on facebook. only time i have hung out with her is at lunch our lunch table, which had a half a bazillion people at it sometimes. other times it was just a few of us and we never really talked then, a little but not much. advice please?


oh couple things i forgot, 1)no idea if she's seeing anyone, 2) she put her number in my yearbook last year

well, i don't know if i was just oblivious to that hint at that time, or just not sure what to say...

Well, unless you find out that the number she put in your yearbook was someone else's, I would have taken that as a hint (not that I could have done anything about it when I was in school; had it been me....I was way too shy....I don't have any female signatures in my yearbook, unless you count a teacher or two :-) .

Just out of question did you get sorted yet or figure out anything useful from this so far...

So you've had more than two weeks to figure that out and ponder it.

Now, have you actually *done* something about it yet? ;-)

If you're telling yourself you're just "waiting for the right opportunity", that does not qualify as the direct approach. In fact, that's pretty much the opposite of the direct approach!

Here's your homework for this week:

1) Check out her facebook page, and find something that *you* find interesting (and I don't just mean her pretty face).

2) Next time you see her at lunch, tell her "Hey, I noticed on your Facebook page that you're into XYZ - me too!".

well first of all she doesn't have much on her facebook, and second it seems like it has been updated in quite some time.

and something else, i have her number (which she put in my yearbook), but i have not really know what to call up and talk about, or how her boyfriend would respond. and i probably also need some sort of confidence boost before i do.

lol This gave me a laugh this morning, i'm meeting my ex for coffee *gulps fearfully* which is bad because if i go i get a coffee cup busted over my head and if i don't i get my windows busted then my head... then all the other girls things came out of the woodwork, I'm meeting three girls at different times and all of them there's nothing definite, so today is a long one, eg you damn well better have asked her out, even if you got shot down you better have tried by the end of today, because that's the victory for today my friend, it's over fear (not unjust timing...)

well she has a boyfriend right now (before i posted this forum), so asking her out right now might not be a good idea...

probably, damn waiting for the right moment indeed lol unless you wow her with some amzing feat of hheroism... and no that does not mean killing the boyfriend

walk up to her... and ask her out... or, move on

yeah thats my first plan, but what if she's seeing someone? Thats the only thing i need to know.

ask her...... if she's seeing someone....thats the easiest way to get rejected dude...... you ask her....then she can go....sorry... I'm seeing someone. how you gonna feel if she's not seeing anyone and you know it.....and then you ask her and she's like.... I'm seeing someone........ that'll bruise the ego a bit take a swing man...... sh*t happens......but you won't know unless you try

well i found out she is seeing someone, so i went ahead and told her i liked her. think that was a good move?

well, the worst that can happen is you get in a fight with the other guy...... no biggy

Yeah biggy campbell I learnt that the hard way... check out the topic on worst pain ever, my fight one was all over a girl also the who does well around girls? topic Flyingcheesearmy Generally it'll all be ok, she'll either have some kind of thing for you and sway to you in the end with zero fightage or she'll not have liked you in the first place... Pushing something is when ya get a whoopin boy. You might find yourself just having to leave it, even though it sucks, of course it could all turn out very well for you in the end... Lovelives suck I'd rather not have one sometimes...


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I also like the direct approach, but keep it lite. Strike up a conversation about a current event at your school. You should know soon enough if there is any interest. Now, I'm an old fart, I have no clue what a face book is, but I guess it's gadget related. Keep it friendly and try to make her laugh. Good Luck. Glenn

facebook is one of those social networks. It's better than myspace, but just as equally as useless to a loner.

Thanks for the info Doctor What, I have no need for a social network myself. Guess that explains my ignorance. What I don't get flyingcheesearmy, is if she put her number in your yearbook, why you haven't called her yet. Sounds like she put the ball in your court, but you dropped the ball. She may have wanted you to spend time with her during the summer, to get to know each other better. Maybe there's still hope. Again, Good Luck. Glenn

well... hmmm... gotta think about that one... to be honest i have no idea why i didn't... probably because i feared screwing up, or something, (don't have the best memory) besides that i have no idea.

flyingcheesemonkey, Don't think too hard, no sense beating yourself up. Fear of rejection is a distinct possibility. It could even have been a bit too far out of your comfort zone at the time. It may not seem like it now, with raging hormones trying to dominate your priorities, but the best thing to do is focus on your education. Remember, if you get a good education and eventually a good job, everything will work itself out in the long run. In the mean time, I doubt it is too late to giver her a call. The best piece of advice I can give you is don't be wishy washy. Figure out what you are going to say and do it. Don't hem and haw and show her a display of insecurity. Good Luck, Glenn

I have no idea why people continue to ask for girl advice on a website full of nerds.


I have no idea why people continue to ask for girl advice on a website full of nerds.

Speak for yourself....I may be a hard core GEEK, but I am no nerd LOL this doesn't mean I was able to talk to the ladies however :-)

People just don't get the difference between geek and nerd. And you, of all people, was able to talk to the ladies?? Sir, I call your bluff. :)

I wrote:

this doesn't mean I was able to talk to the ladies however :-)

I am still reticent now, unable to talk face to face unless I know something about the person.

speak for yourself!! im a geek, not a nerd. geeks are good with computers. but i agree that there are too many poison, girlfriend and suicide posts here.

People prefer to discuss personal problems with people like them that understand kinda what they are going to. I tried going to counselors and therapists (partly because my parents wanted me too). They just dont understand like someone your age, or someone that has the same interests. I do agree about the suicide posts, but if someone has trouble with girls (or guys), they should be able to talk to people like them.

some people just need help and they are comfortable with talkin to the people on instructables.

i ain't no geek

Use Super Poke on FaceBook to hug her or something....

Did you call her? usually if you talk to someone alone for as little as five minutes you'll no what the craic is to a certain extent... Just need an oppurtunity... Giving you her number is good sign though. Maybe it's worth chatting to her more in the group situations and see what's going on, is she flirty with you, does she smile when you two speak, do you speak easily... I'm kind guessing you want to know if she likes you and is single, there's generally a pivotal point in conversations when there's a dead halt just for asking, if she doesn't mention a boyfriend and you get to a good point for asking her just ask her or make a related point which leads to asking her if she asks you obvious one here... at some point after this you may wish to ask her out...

I dont know. I would go up to here and whisper this into her ear. "If you were a laser, you’d be set on fine”

nonono say to her: " Do you Have a map?" then she'll either say yes or no then you say: "Cause I'm lost in your eyes." lol

Do you know karate? Cos honey, your body is really kickin. Do you have a Bandaid? Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Why do so many guys think a "line" will work? Because they haven't tried: Hi ! How are you? LOL

because we are losers :). Honestly any chick that will like me just because of a pick up line I dont want to date.

Talk to her and get to know her more. Then make your move.


10 years ago

Agree with chaoscampbell

you might want to try and become her friend, but not a friend, just a friend, then you move in for the kill.