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Advise and help needed Answered


Well this is my Spring Break week gun project, not quite done yet but I wanted to know if anyone could help me figure out how to get this working well. When firing the gun it can sometimes get 30 feet of range, but horribly fails alot to with some not coming out of the barrel. I was planing on useing a more tr-18 ish mech but it was two wide for the space I wanted it to fit in. I will continue trying to fix this thing but until then advice would be nice. I also don't know what to name this thing either so suggestions would be good too.

Overall I think I made a cool gun, that is a little more artistic than realistic, but I really like that about it. I also think that the clip mech is a good standerd for a barrel mag, just don't make it centerless like I did.



Spring break is coming expect a return of this thing soon!

Awesome! I love how your arm fits though that mag thing. How does it work? Pin? Hammer? Full auto??

Looking forward to a better version!

How does it work? Well now that I'm not a newbie, I can explain. This is a simple pin gun with a fixed revolver frame. It has a K'nex chain on the inside of that frame that holds the ammo. Two wind up K'nex motors on the top frame of the gun act as the revolving mech by moving the next shot into the firing chamber. The revolver section is non removable and doesn't actually revolve, the chain does.

My revision of this thing is going to have a more reliable rotation mech, as too how, well I have spring break to figure that out.

Thanks for the info, I think that I understand now. The idea of using motors to pull the rounds up is pretty cool.

wow first time ive seen this! very cool not sure i completely get it but it seems cool

So hows this working out currently?

To tell the truth, I stopped it. I loved the appearance but making it function correctly was hard. Not to mention not very many people seemed to think that this was a good look.

I will be having a bullpuped competitor coming out soon. So keep your eyes open for that.

Not very quickly. I haven't worked on it much since the post. I have run short on green rods so I have to figure out what to disassemble in order to do what I plan on doing to this.
As for the mods I plan on doing I am considering modifing the barrel clip part into a standard removable magazine. I do kinda like that part though, so I might not.

Alright! Just a quick question do you think that I should keep the barrel like thing or not. Nobody seemed to like that too much.

Name ideas:
Round ripper
Springbreaker (haha!)
Slayve driver (I used it too)
Block glock

btw Cool gun!!!

Thanks for the name ideas. I like the way Springbreaker sounds. I think I'll use that!

That is pretty cool. I just say that you should make the bullet mech...well...smaller. It is rather big and ugly. As to the name, give it some initials. Like: JBGBR - JonnyBGood's Bullpup Rifle.

True, I don't know if it's completely clear, but the part I'm aiming at fixing is the round, wrap around magazine. It think it is sized right but, to make it work better, I think it needs a more tr-18 ish mech. Then i would have to make the entire wrap around part bigger.

Or maybe I should shrink the current one and rely on my current system to maybe work. The trigger mech works great but, something with the bullet mech doesen't work all the time. The 10 and 11th pic show where I think the problem is but I wanted to see what others thought, maybe some have more revolver experience.


5 years ago

Pretty cool, but yeah, make the mech more compact.