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African Makes Paraglider From Plastic Bags Answered


Cyril Mazibuko grew up in the shadows of the mountains. Born in a small kraal at the foot of the Drakensberg range in the southern part of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa, Cyril would often look up at the 3,000-meter basalt peaks, a playground for African paragliders. Enthralled, Cyril made a decision: He would build his own glider and join them in the sky.

Now 26, Cyril is the only black South African currently registered with the sport's ruling body. And it all started with a glider he made from plastic bags, purloined rope and baling wire, a glider that flew -- sort of -- though it both amazed and horrified the professional paragliders who saw it.

Wired story


horrified, or just plain frightened? (I would have to think twice about "using" it ;-) ).

Well, yeah... but even so he did an amazing job of it and it led to many more great, then not-so-great, then great things.

Yes, I didn't mean to downgrade the ingenuity behind it...but just noting that it was not for "everyday use".

Good grief, don't show the Boys!

You just put a picture in my head of a few youngin's and a nearby steep side of a hill...and I am not sure whether to laugh or gasp.