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After poor harvest, man resorts to building robots Answered

A Chinese man has resorted to building robots after a number of years of poor harvest and now make's his living building robots. Aside from them being completely amazing, this is also a great video on account of his wife's commentary about halfway through. Anyhow, check this out !

Another video courtesy of lemonie:



we need to get him a computer and an account


8 years ago

Lol! Love it... "How do you stop this thing?"

Dam, this guy is a guiness

Not at all- his circumstances don't seem to have made him bitter, though he does seem to have a good head on his shoulders...

this comment brought to you by channeling the spirit of Goodhart and kelseymh

Ugh, I just realized you beat me to the comment :-)

Yeah...sorry...spelling error....

It happens to the best of speller ;-)

Isn't Guiness a stout? I know, you meant genius, right? :-)

I don't know that I even know what to say. That is amazingly cool. :D

Why does this look sooo very familiar?

Oh yes, that's both of us pointing to the same thing from different directions. L

This guy needs an instructables account !!

he sure does nee one.



8 years ago

I've seen that before :D