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Again How To- Stolen Instructables Content Answered

Again How To

Hi all,  not sure if this is really the correct place to be raising this (and can’t seem to find it mentioned elsewhere), but a new website called again how to has appeared aggregating content and reposting on their site, along the lines of ehow. It does appear to be pulling a hell of a lot of Instructables up on it, as well as off peoples personal sites (how I have picked up). I hope the Instructables legal
team can have a look at this.



A link would be useful...

Oh, wait, I found it. I wouldn't worry about the site, it's just some robot sucking in content in a rather incompetent manner.

For instance, the first Instructables content I found was this:


The text it stole from the site is at the bottom of this comment.

If a reader ended up there, they would quickly tire of such rubbish, and follow the link they give.

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The site looks like Facebook's timelines. Maybe they even stole the code from Facebook to create their site.

If they stole anything from Facebook, I can't imagine Facebook would wait very long before stopping them.