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Aging/antiquing black metal Answered

This is kind of an odd one. I'm using a firearm for a movie firing blanks. Currently, it looks like this.


I'd like it to look like this, mainly so that the camera can pick it up better, as a solid black finish won't register as well, and all the tiny inperfections will make it look more interesting.


It's the exact same gun, but some come "reliced" and others don't. I got a good deal on one that wasn't. I don't want to mess it up too bad, no big pitting or scratch spots, just rough the finish up a bit. Any ideas?


There is this stuff found at craft stores, "Rub n Buff" metal finish. It is a paint-like product but really some kind of wax I think.  You could dab it around the wear spots and then blend/wipe it into the metal. You could drybrush with some appropriate "metallic" color paint to get the same faux effect.  Best part is that you can wipe off with some paint thinner if you want to reuse the gun.

Some very weak acids (in unpainted areas) may do the job.

Maybe you can try sand papering it so some of the paint will come off, or use some paint thinner.