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Agua-luna solar panel ripoff Answered

I bought a manual from Aqua-luna.org about making solar panels. I've been misled and ripped off. The first two solar panel technologies are not viable for home power generation. The screen printed PV panels may be. There were listings of materials and a copy of a patent application along with some hand written notes. Not much else. There's absolutely no way that a person with electrical and fabrication skills could make printed PV panels from this document. I tried there msn address, no response. I posted a message in their forums, no response. Beware.


Modify this to include what the site says about it. If you include the same phrases they use they are more likely to turn up on an internet search. Include the word "review" and other synonyms if you can. L

Google search for "aqua luna solar panels". Notice the first result. :D

Instructables seems to have become an "authority", in search engine parlance, which means that pages on Instructables can get a remarkably high Google ranking. Try searching for generic descriptions of some of your instructables- I'm on the first page for "shoji lamp", "japanese lamp", "hdr photo GIMP" and "psion mod".

With great power comes great responsibility... Google result for "cheese buttons"

Yes, that is interesting - thanks for sharing that. L


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... of course, if I'd spelt "agua luna" right I would have noticed that you fall to third, being the first hit that isn't agua-luna.com. Still a good position to be in.

One the things they on their site with this is the following quote: Live self-sufficient lower monthly fuel bills from upward of $600 to $0.00 by using the FREE ENERGY from the SUN to power your house. Its obviously a load of bunk.


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Thanks for the warning