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Ahh.... Mountain Dew and Breaking Benjamin at 9:56 in the morning Answered

So, I am so comfortable right now. I'm drinking Mountain Dew and listening to Breaking Benjamin at 9:57 in the morning. It's very relaxing.

What makes you feel awesome? It can be a mix of 2 things or just one thing.


Knock, knock, it's the truant officer.  Or is everyone home schooled here?

Not home schooled, just schooled by my uber skillz =P

lack thereof... XD

Insert <I don't get it.> below.

 Apparently he is 130 years old, I don't think he needs to go to school.

Doctor pepper and my laptop.

You wouldn't want to know...


Do something with a girl, then do something else with the same person, and repeat for a morning, maybe breaking for tea & toast. Or do something with some guys, then something else, and repeat for an evening.


Listening to rap and surfing ibles in my comfy chair.

I recently heard and liked some of TI's older songs.  I put a few on my orangeboard.

Listening to rock music(Good rock music. Not the Disney stuff)

drinking diet dr.pepper,watching mythbusters and looking at timandersons ibles eating salmon,making duct tape wallets,and kicking things all at the same time.


The thought that come this time tomorrow, I will be married, and enjoying hog roast.