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Air Instructables pilot's license - Toss It! Prize Answered

We did the design for the Toss It! prize today. Here's how it looks. These are laser-etched anodized aluminum cards. You can only get one by winning the contest.


Hmm, I wish I were a little more aeronomically involved. I have so little experience in paper airplanes.....

I can make a wadded up ball of paper fly further than most of the paper airplanes I have folded LOL

the wadded up variety work better out of heavy craft paper.

Especially if you first wrap it around a marble or mouse ball.

jaw-breakers work well, but that is a complete waste of candy.

Candy is a complete waste of candy LOL sorry, the adult in me came out :-)

right when my adult in me started to grow I caught it and put it in a bottle. I keep this by my bedroom window and occasionaly poke the bottle.

My best paper airplane: a ton of circles glued together, to make basically a frisbee. Then, small little wings to qualify it...

Mine tend to do "tricks" that I did not intend them to do:

Yesterday I was fooling about with a squarish design (similar to others I have seen) and was trying to improve it's distance.

It traveled a good 2-3 meters, dropping in altitude as it went, then did something unexpected; it nosed upward and flipped over on it's back and died right there (maybe it altitude drop, was causing a speed increase until it couldn't handle it anymore and the lack of nose weight, allowed for the weird behavior ?) *shrug*

*in Roscoe P. Coltrane voice* Kuku! Wonder how many doors I can use that on... with a paper airplane license Ima gona be able to get them Duke boys!!

Eyes light up with glee
Looks outside and curses weather, the only delay in making his flight video.

I am getting some bad weather where I live too, it has been raning of and on for the past 24 hours.

If it hasn't been raining, it's been 40mph wind gusts =' (

Yeah it has been windy enough here to turn a cardboard airplane into a kite LOL

Its been windy here too, but I don't think that windy :)

We've had a few power outages in the area from the wind, mostly after trees were brought down over power lines.

Yeah, we're getting rain on BOTH ends of the state today *sigh*

It was raining really hard about 30 mins ago but now it is nice and sunny, very strange.

lucky! i have 2 feet of snow and counting.

Lucky us? Lucky you. I want 2 feet of snow.

I would look on the bright side, no school, right :)

That is exactly how it was in my end of PA. It became a beautiful day...its too bad we had to play 2 lacrosse games in a torrential downpour.

I didn't have any lax this weekend, but we were inside once and on the pavement once last week for practice because the fields were so muddy. That sucks that you had to play in the rain.

Looks good, but I don't like how there's no capitalization.

They look freaking awesome!! Perhaps even better than mine... (but mine have magnets!)


That looks completely awesome!!! too bad the words "pilot's license" are a little un-level

It's level. That must be an illusion caused by the paper airplane in the background.

I've really got to figure out how to work a paper airplane... :P


I will hopefully post some more up, that looks awesome, hopefully I'll win! :P

*jaw DROPS*

rushes off to make "Toss-It" entry

That looks awesome!