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Air Jelly Answered


HOW DO YOU MAKE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aright now I can practice throwing darts at moving targets

OwO Mommy, can i keep it?

This look easy to make. the hardest part would be the legs.

These are simply excellent though quite hard to make any sense of, also I'm fearing that jellyfish will see this and evolve to be capable of using helium to do this, then we'd be screwed...

he he he true..... that would be the day that we will have to wear armored wet-suit-like-clothing to school and work...... im not looking forward to smart jelly fish at all.......... oh and portegues man-of-war already have "air bladders" to stay afloat so brace yourselves because they will be here soon!

ah crud, may aswell start up the ole doomsday device... Actually my plan for a doom ray would most likely be devasting to a flying jellyfish...

It has all the main things that would stop them, high temperatures, UV rays, IR rays and if somehow added I'd have an ion ray gun behind, that way I could electrocute them using the Ionized stream of air, yes I'm a massive jerk to flying jellyfish...

I know, I was just saying I'm a massive jerk to flying jellyfish, they need to know not to mess with me, or I will mess them up, badly.

ya dude I want a infared turret u know laze them flying stinging.....

Mine also has the outside chance of supercharging plant growth, or disintegrating them, I don't know which...


10 years ago

could they put a baby in that?

they should make a mini one for home

Well, there's always the Blubber Bots...

It would be great if there was something light enough that you could attach it to a regular helium party balloon.

Let's see... the Festo pdf mentions that one cubic meter of helium provides buoyancy to lift approximately one kilogram. I'd say a party balloon probably has a volume somewhat greater than a gallon of milk - let's call it 1.5 gallons, ~6 liters? That would mean a lifting capacity of 6 grams (ain't metric great?).

In more archaic measurement units, that would translate to 0.2 ounces - about the weight of two sheets of paper. That's pushing it, but it should be doable.

Just googling "lightest RC plane" gives a couple of hits around 6 grams and less. The Butterfly weights in at a skimpy 3.6g, but a whopping $239! That does come with a full 4-channel control though...

Hmm... Air Midi Micros seems to be a great resource for "micro" RC flying. They've got all the components for the Butterfly as well...

The music really adds to the effect.

I think I'm in love, that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

i agree its so cool..... it just floats around and and.......and ............. *tear coming to eye*

BTW search youtube for festo and there is a really cool air manta ray too. No they just need to make an "Air Kraken"


10 years ago

Cool! Too bad I'm going to have to wait until I get home to see the vid - damn work rules! Here's a pdf with some more info - in english, luckily:

I am having a difficult time seeing on my monitor (the resolution is not so good), but is that first one "tethered" ? Is that how it gains altitude? I don't see any other way from the video.

Ah yes, I see how that would work now. Thanks. I missed seeing the link (my bad).