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Air Switch Dimmer Answered

i would like to make a switch like the one in mathmos Air Switch. i am not sure how to but could this be done. or is there some thing close that i can do? need it for a school project. thanks pyr0000


It would appear to be a little to complex for a school project. You could try making a beam controlled on/off switch or a proximity switch.

Here is the Mathmos Air Switch


Pat. Pending

Yep, that is the one I was viewing too. Hmm, I wonder what would be the best way to go with a proximity switch: inductive sensing, or ....well definitely not sonic...hmmm.

. According to the link Pat provided:

  • Airswitch is controlled by an invisible beam.
  • You are only operating the lamp when your hand is in the beam.
  • It is essential that you move your hand slowly, but not too slowly.

They call it an air switch, but I have to wonder if it is not really a motion detector, hmmm.