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WARNIG: New technology discovered! Air powwered weaponry. Answered

A new research has been discovered in the K'nex world.

We have made great strives in air powered projectiles. I recently have been secretly working on air tight hoppers that can be quickly re-loaded and shot at high ft. per second.

I'm expecting 6 shots per second

20 ft at the least.

Easily removable hoppers.

I'll take guesses on how I'm going to do this

i know this question will be asked "is it going to be all knex?" Yes it wiill be all knex except for I might have to use mc. donalds straws or pen tubes.


It sounds awesome except...not all of us have access to compressed air of sorts. If you could make a gun to somehow accept CO2 cartridges for airsoft or paintball then we could just go to the store and buy those.

Sure you do. Think bike pump. A PET soda bottle or similar pumped up to 50psi (similar to bike tire pressure) would fire a lot of knex "bullets." Though I'll be pretty impressed if you can make a knex valve... Balloons are pretty hopeless; internal pressure of a balloon is very close to atmospheric pressure (think about using the balloon as a rubber band would be used; it's approximately the same energy source, but you'd be spreading it out over several shots...) You might consider a bit of rubber surgical tubing inflated with a bike pump; that would be closer. Beware bursts, though; you'll put your eye out! (parent mode, eh?)

Lol. "General! Sergeant BM is down!" "What? I thought he had the powerful air gun and was having no problem getting people?" "Yes sir but...he got tired and got owned as soon as the enemy rushed him..." Sounds cool though. I would look into ways to make a pump though. If you can make something air tight I'm sure you could make a pump.

I don't know it has to be a long constant stream. maybe a balloon would work... but that would be hard to pump up every time... the best thing you could do with this is an air compressor.

I know how you are doing it... I think a burst-bladder would pack more punch, and could be worked like a pump action shotgun (no trigger needed, just pump, bam, pump, bam)

yeah that would work although I don't really have one... I guess i could take it from my brothers mag strike when it breaks.

Nah, I don't think the air compressor would be a good idea. I have no idea where to buy an air compressor and I think it would cost a lot. A balloon would be better.

well you need to have something to block the air from going out and you need a pump and an end that will fit the end of the straw and attatch blu-tack at the end of that, pump. then remove the end. and then there you go! but that will take more time than you expected it to.

Is it going to be mostly knex and is it going to be a rifle?

maybe he is using the big-air ball tower motor? :-P


9 years ago

I believe Sypran tried this before. Sounds promising.

yeah well I have it all planned out (I think if I had some straws it would actually work already!)

lol I guess I could share the secret now. I posted/am posting a pic.

How I would do it is take a ballon pump and hook it up with a bladder of sorts. Basically, you pump air into the bladder untill a seal breaks and it releases the now pressurized air.

I'm not sure but it's power full enough to make a big dent in the palm of your hand.

well im gonna use my are commpresser and i will post a video(on google video)

Benfoxg made some rocket powered sniper ammo a few months back. And how will you make air tight hoppers? Knex has way too many holes.

I know a piece of knex that only has two holes one for the air in take and one for the air out take.