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Air soft or BB gun help Answered

can someone please help me to make a easy, good ranged and reliable airsoft gun or bb gun with detailed trigger layout the bb and airsoft guns on instructables are great but i would like a gun with a higher range THANKS EVERYONE and please help


find a 'Y' shaped branch and a big rubber band... (great trigger control, but the accuracy sucks for a while) or take $20 down to wally world and pick up one. then, reverse engeneer-and realize how many tools you need to fit what you want. or give a realistic aprasial of your mechanical abilities and what you have avalible for tools and supplys. or use google. lots of sites on pneumatic gun design-but you have to look for them. the more you know, the faster it goes. once you look over 2-3 forums that specificaly cover your question, you will have a better idea of what you can, can't and aren't willing to do. (i've looked, found, and aren't willing to do.)

oh its knex i would like to make it outer propper material like wood, metal and so on, still pretty cool though


11 years ago

hahaha i have a bb gun only i don't think this is what you mean... but can shoot 8-12 BB's with one magazine