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Air tank testing Answered

I have recently acquired a 25 litre compressor on which the motor was seized so my plan is to replace the motor and pump with a couple of fridge compressors however the tank is more than 10 years old and although I cannot see any damage is their anyway to check it is safe to pressurize to 8 bar? it has 175PSI stamped on it so I assume its designed with that as the maximum working pressure but I want to know if I can get it checked as I don't want to blow myself and my garage apart if it bursts I'm in the UK


You really need to get it hydraulically tested. The tank is filled with water, and pumped up to a pressure quite a bit - 100% more than the rated value. There are companies that can do it for you. An untested, faulty tank, is quite capable of exploding catastrophically.

yeah I have looked for companies but I can't find one that looks like it would do a one off tank for a guy in a shed at least not anywhere near me they seem to be more interested in large workshops with massive lengths of pipe and large storage tanks can you recommend any?

If you are in the north Manchester area, I know a couple of people who might help.

I'm in oxford so a long way from manchester might try the scuba idea though

I'm in oxford so a long way from manchester might try the scuba idea though

Try asking one of those companies then... They might let you jump on an order...

Scuba places might be worth asking too, comprehensive equipment tests are a given with them...

I don't believe that fridge-compressors are suitable replacements; they don't work in the same way or with the same sort of gases.


If the tank has a plug that you can remove to allow you to look inside, I would examine the bottom of the tank for rust. Most air tanks and compressors have a plug so that you can drain out any water that condenses inside, to prevent deterioration over time. I've heard of tank explosions due to neglect of that kind of maintenance.